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We are a family of world-renowned educators and breeders, specializing in the breeding and promotion of endangered felines such as Savannah (Felis catus x Leptailurus serval ) serval ( Leptailurus serval ) and Caracal Kittens ( Feliscaracal ). We breed our Kittens exclusively for pets and are trained to be perfect companions of life. Our agencies are located in South Africa. 90% of our Kittens are sold and shipped for export around the world. We are certified international breeders of exotic cats since 2006 and active members of the T.I.C.A ( International Cat Association ) with a commercial license for all our pets. Our exotic kittens are pure-bred with a first-generation family tree, developing quality silver and golden lineages with the privilege of producing the world's first proven high-percentage silver lines in the world.  We breed Savannah F1 Kittens, Serval kittens and caracal Kittens. Our lovely kittens are ready to meet a new pet loving family now. Our Kittens are a majestic,


We are one of the top breeders of Savannah, Servals and Caracal Kittens in South Africa. Savannahs have the exotic looks of the African Serval, but the sweet, active temperament of a regular, domesticated house cat. We are a TICA registered cattery, We pride ourselves in high quality, exquisite kittens that would love to own you for the rest of your life and have exposure to other cats, children and dogs making them the perfect addition for any household. Our kittens are fully litter box trained and socialized from a very young age, which means they are ready to join your family when they leave our facility. up-to-date vaccinations, microchip and registration. Contact us today to learn more about our kittens.


We have been breeding Cats for years.

We are always here to answer your questions before and after the sale.

Your kittens health and quality is our primary goal.

You can see past kittens grown up and have an idea what your kitten might look like.

When getting a savannah kitten from us you become part of our family.

All we ask is that you think before buying. Many people have jumped into this trying to make a fast buck. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

whether you buy from us or someone else. We are happy to help you with your new Savannah kitten.


We specialize in Different breed of Kittens. F1 Savannah Kittens, Serval Kittens and Caracal Kittens. Behind every successful and reputable cattery there is a passionate team that dedicate their lives to the well being, health and everyday chores of keeping our kids happy!


Our kittens are sold in great health conditions without fleas and worms. They receive their 1st vaccination and possibly a 2nd, given the age and the time of the kitten’s age prior to purchase. A health certificate or a health guarantee will be provided with a purchase of our kitten(s). The typical age the kittens go to their new home is around 10-12 weeks. proof of parent testing and registered with the Cat Federation of South Africa (CFSA), a small starter pack and of course a well socialized, potty trained bundle of joy to bring you all the love and purrs you deserve.


Our F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens breeders have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats for sale. Browse our kittens available page for photos of the new arrivals.

Knowledge Meets Experience.


Combining a graduate degree in the animal sciences and over 20 years of feline breeding experience, our program has the knowledge base required to produce the most striking Savannahs in existence. Understanding animal behavior within the breed also has a learning curve. We would be naive to claim that we know it all, but we have more experience on our side over any other F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens breeders. No worries about whether your breeder will still be around to help with any issues that may arise with your Savannah as it matures and even enters its later years of life.


The creation of the F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens breed has allowed the every-day person to capture a part of the wild and co-exist with it in their home. While the F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens maintains the body physique, extreme intelligence and athleticism, and striking coat pattern. The F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens are more manageable option that will bond with your family, as well as your other pets.

Quality Driven

we offer the expertise and customer service that our clients deserve. Having the added advantage of time on our side has allowed us to surpass even our own expectations of how well we can maintain the Serval look and size in our Savannahs. Each time the next generation of matings are achieved our program is moved further forward on the quality spectrum.

















we are one of the cattery where all of our Cats are part of our family, since 2013. We have kittens available throughout the year. So, if you're looking for kittens for sale, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you on your journey, even if it means not adopting your fur baby from here. Our goal is to help you find the  right fur baby and match for your family and home.

Our focus, over the course of breeding, has been on contributing to the improvement of the savannah breed. our passion has always been to work with the F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens  We are a TICA cattery. We have raised and sell F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens since 2013 and are dedicated to producing a healthy and well socialized F1 Savannah, Serval and Caracal Kittens.




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